Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back To School

It's back to school time. The beginning of school is so hectic getting rooms ready. We have some new items that can help get your room ready in no time.
In our district, we have to have to have several things posted in our room. One of them being a daily schedule. So, we came up with a really cute set of schedule cards. We have three versions: 
Another item that has to be on display is a set of class rules. So we made our rules very simple for our little ones to understand. There is a single page version and also a set of cards that can be use with your pocket chart. 

We also made some really cute center signs to decorate our rooms. We made wall signs and a smaller version to use with our pocket charts. These signs brighten up our classrooms and make learning fun. We have three versions of these signs too. 

 We are working on Things in the Room Labels to go along with our other Back to School Items. Here is a sneak peek at those cards.
Happy Back to School!!

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